The Book of Human Insects (One Shot)

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Von Osamu Tezuka (Vertical)

Toshiko Tomura is a genius; the darling of the intelligentsia. A modern-day Michelangelo, this twenty year-old is already an established international stage actress, an up-and-coming architect, and the next recipient of the prestigious Akutagawa Prize as Japans best new writer. Her actions make headlines in the papers and inspire radio and television programming and, like many great talents, her troubled past is what motivates her to greatness.

Toshiko is also the mastermind behind a series of murders. The ultimate mimic, she has plagiarized, blackmailed, stolen, and replicated the works of scores of talents. Now, as her star is rising within the world of the elites and powerful, she has amassed a long list of enemies frustrated by the fact that she has built critical and financial acclaim for nothing more than copying others work. Neglected as a child, she is challenging the concepts of gender inequality while unleashing her loneliness upon the world as she climbs the social ladder one body at a time.

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