Shakugan no Shana DVD Complete Collection

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DVD Regionencode: 2 (Schweiz, Europa); Sprachen: Englisch, Japanisch; Untertitel: Englisch
All 24 episodes of the anime adventure series. Episodes are: The End of Everything, the One Beginning, The Lit Flame, The Torch and the Flame Haze, The Confused Flame Haze, Respective Feelings, Complication - Invocation - Confrontation, The Two Flame Hazes, Lovely Goblet, The Poolside of Love and Desire, Entwined Feelings, Yuji, Shana, and Kisses, Flowers Bloom in the Cradle, The Declaration of War Behind the School Building, A Remarkable Person, The Day When the Flame Was Born, The Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter, Respective Paths, The Intricate Yuji, Matters That Could Not Be Said, The Scarlet Death Struggle, Diverging Feelings, The Flickering Flame, Battle at the Dawn Star Temple and Crimson Thoughts.
Number of discs: 6
Run Time: 575 minutes

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