Oishinbo "Fish, Sushi & Sashimi" (One Shot)

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Von T. Kariya und A. Hanasaki. (Viz Media / Signature)

Yamaoka and his father, Kaibara Y zan, have never enjoyed an ideal father-son relationship. In fact, its about as far from ideal as possible, and when they start arguing about food - which they inevitably do - the sparks really fly.

In this volume of Oishinbo the subject of dispute is fish, starting with the question of whether mackerel can ever be truly good sashimi. Later, things come to a head during the "Salmon Battle," which pits father against son in an epic contest to develop the best dish before a panel of judges. Will Yamaoka finally defeat Kaibara? Or will he once again be left in his fathers shadow?

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