Last Round Arthurs: Scum Arthur And Heretic Merlin -Light Novel- vol. 2

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Von Taro Hitsuji & Kiyotaka Haimura (Yen Press)

There's nothing in the world money can't buy
With the succession battle in full swing, it's too dangerous to keep living in the dorms. But have no fear: Rintarou has the genius idea to rent a place with Luna. Well, he must have forgotten who he was dealing with, because as soon as he hands her the reins-and his checkbook-money-hungry moocher Luna squanders his life savings on a colossal mansion! And just when their relationship couldn't get any worse, they have a run-in with another duo vying for the throne: Emma Michelle and her Jack, Sir Lamorak. Turns out, Rintarou has history with Emma, who challenges Luna to a different kind of fight-where the prize is Rintarou!

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