Dragon Ball Omnibus 3 (vol. 7-8-9)

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Von Akira Toriyama (Viz Media / Shonen Jump)

You do not want to mess with the Red Ribbon Army. To get what they want, theyll sic you with scary thugs, machine gunfire, and even torpedoes! Only Son Goku would think nothing of challenging this evil crime organization - anything to get back the one Dragon Ball his grandfather gave him. As the Red Ribbon Army closes in on Goku and his friends, Goku must face an array of opponents while preventing all seven Dragon Balls from falling into evil hands.

First, theres cruel General Blue, who has a mysterious power up his sleeve. Then theres master assassin Taopaipai, so strong that Gokus blasts barely faze him. But neither of these opponents compare to the masked challenger Goku faces at Baba Uranais - hell give Goku the shock of his life!

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